Anime Boys are an Australian boy band from Melbourne consisting of members of Carson Ryley, James Harper, Mark Bonham, Alan Banner and Dale Beverly. They are based of Five. The band formed in 2017 by the same team that managed the Scent Girls before they launched their career. Anime Boys enjoyed remarkable success worldwide, particularly in their native Australia, as well as United Kingdom, most of the rest of Europe and Asia.
Anime Boys


2017-18: Formation and DebutEdit

In Early 2017, an advertisement was placed in most of the Australian newspaper, asking young male singers/dancers to audition for a boy band, Love Live! and Scent Girls- style group. King Daniell, who had earlier created the Scent Girls, thought the time was right for a male group with a mix of Love Live. Over 3,000 hopefuls auditioned and they finally narrowed down to only 14, five of whom had arranged themselves into a group while waiting for their audition. The auditions resulted in a provisional casting of nine members: James Harper, Mark Bonham, Alan Banner, Dale Beverly, Carson Ryley, and stand-by members Ashley Millard, Branden Garner, Lindsay Hanson and Toby Eads. Millard and Garner were later cut when the final five were chosen in 5th May 2017 and Eads couldn't attend the final selection. Lindsay Hanson made it into the band originally, but he later quit the band because it was too much for him. Hanson later went on with his solo career. The stand-by members would later become Tour members with a new member, Clayton Beasley. In August 2017, Anime Boys did their first Anime Boys Anime Party!

The band subsequently were signed by Kirby Ogden and RCA Records for a six-album deal. Odgen would show Love Live to the band for some dance rehearsals. But first, Odgen wanted to do a English song. In December 2017, Anime Boys released their debut single "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)", which debuted at number 10 in the UK Singles Charts. The song was also released in the U.S. in 2018 but had little chart success. It failed to peaked on the ARIA Charts. Anime Boys earned their first major international hit, "Snow Halation" which cracked the U.S. top 10 and earned Gold status there soon after. It peaked Number 2 on the ARIA Charts. The debut self-titled album peaked at number 27 in the U.S. Billboard 200 and topped the charts in other countries worldwide, including the UK.

"Youngblood" was released in late 2018 in the U.S., only to receive lukewarm reception. The group embarked upon an Oceania tour with Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. Still from the first album, "I Want You", "All Star", and "Eternal Flame" were all released as singles in the UK throughout 2018. Anime Boys reached the top 5 in several countries around the world, and the latter two singles each rose to the number two spot in the UK, failing to beat Calvin Harris and Sam Smith's Promises and Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next.


Tour MembersEdit

The tour members were originally stand-by members but Daniell rehired them for touring. Daniell hired Clayton Beasley as a replacement of Lindsay Hanson (born 17 September 1996). They have a own band too. It's called "Anime Formula"

Mini Units BandsEdit

During the very early years, Daniell wanted to look like Love Live. However, when the stand-by members got kicked out, it got scraped.

To SyncEdit

Boys Power OperationEdit

Medic Of FreaksEdit

Anime PartyEdit

Anime Boys has Anime Party once a year. It held on 15th of August. If you want to see more, Anime Boys Anime Party!


Anime Boys has Influenced by New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Five, BTS and Why Don't We.

They also has influenced by Frontroad Boys and N Mirror.


Anime Boys' Wild HouseEdit

On 10 May 2017, The Anime Boys moved in Ringwood, Victoria. it was reported that Anime Boys' neighbors were meeting with city council members and police officials regarding whether to file a class-action public nuisance lawsuit against the Anime Boys. This lead to crowds of fans to gather outside the Anime Boys' residence, and noise complaints by neighbors. One night on 5 November 2017, the Anime Boys were evicted from their house. They moved back from their families.


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