Hdbhs Jdhjd (7 April 1935 - 14 June 1993)

Birth and Early ChildhoodEdit

Jdhjd was born in 7 April 1935 in Japan. His mother was killed in the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki while on holiday. His Father was in World War II. His Father was also killed in the Attack on Pearl Harbor. He was homeless for a few years until he was adopted. He like to run around in the park. With his adopted mom, She died of a drug overdose when Jdhji was 13. His adopted father took good care of Jdhjd.

Everyone YearsEdit

In 1955, He joined the show Everyone on Channel 6. And left in 1983 when he retired.


On the 14 June 1993, he was on a high speed car chase. Before his car chase, he killed his wife and then stole her money. The Cops shot the wheels of Jdhjd's Car and made the car stop. Jdhjd then committed suicide by a shotgun. This was on Live TV as well. It happened at 5:35PM.